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Listening to Your Body

I was trained as a classical Pilates teacher, but I knew that I would venture outside of the "classical" box long before I finished my training. Many other modalities influenced me; Feldenkrais, Yoga, Alexander technique, Rolfing, Skinner release technique, to name a few. There was no way I could stick to doing just one technique. I had a toolbox full that I wanted to employ in my journey of helping people get in touch with their bodies. I am so glad that I listened to my instincts! I now have a full practice with clients who seek me out because I listened to my desire. I am happily able to help people find their voice and find their autonomy.

It’s very exciting for me to watch someone as the lightbulb turns on, and they make connections within their bodies. I especially love it when they come to me for the next session and say,“ I was out walking the other day, and I noticed I was favoring my left leg,”

this is everything! I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I can get people to listen and pay attention when their bodies speak to them. That is how to make change happen. There must be a mind-body connection, a dialogue going on between your thoughts, nervous system, muscles, and bones. The more you listen, the savvier you become with your instrument, enabling you to build up your autonomy. The more capabilities you have for healing yourself and feeling better in your body. Contact me to book your initial sessions to explore your mind-body connection! I look forward to working with you!

-Ashley Hayes

Certified Pilates Instructor

Owner of Pilates of Forest Acres

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