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How Meditation Can Improve Your Pilates Practice

In times of stress and discomfort, the body is readily supported and healed by breath. Breathing initiates movement and assists in calming the body, spirit, and mind. Meditation and Pilates share the usage of this wonderful tool by placing awareness on the body's reliance on this essential act. Utilizing breath properly enhances concentration which is needed to produce the life-enhancing moves done in Pilates and releasing tension in meditation. Like Pilates, meditation is a practice. Synchronizing the breath with movement allows the muscle group being utilized to receive the focal point of consciousness while simultaneously being engaged and activated. It is curious to note that as meditation uses the breath to calm the mind, Pilates uses it to place intention within the movement. Book a session with Ashley of Pilates of Forest Acres so she can show you how to increase your individual body and mind connection.

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