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Remembering to Crawl in Fall

So, I’m back in the woods after a year hiatus; insert loud applause and cheers from people who really know me…“Yey! She has returned to her happy place!” It truly is the best place for me to be. I get in tune with my voice, my body, and pretty much feel right with the world.

Anyway, today’s walk in the woods had me doing a slight jog, trying to get the old metabolism revved up a bit. I soon got a locked and painful ache in my right hip, so I stopped and realized that my pelvis was misaligned. Hmmm, how to fix this… I got on my hands and knees and started to crawl (I hope Ft. Jackson doesn’t have cameras in the woods). Yes, I like to try and figure out how to “right” myself, and exploring movement is always key.

Crawling activates the development of the corpus callosum, getting both sides of the body working together. It helps to “reset” the central nervous system. Crawling, in short, has some rehabilitative and restorative effects that often go unnoticed. For example, crawling requires coordination of your upper and lower body, forcing your shoulders and hips to work together. It’s the reason why crawling is so important for babies – it’s a basic form of movement that requires a considerable amount of coordination between all parts of the body.

As I crawled along, my dogs were perplexed and concerned. But, as I moved along on my hands and knees, I could really feel my core engage. Aha! It’s that contralateral movement! On the bare earth! And yes, I did “right” my pelvis. Crawling is key! I encourage you to try this. You probably won’t last 5 minutes if you are an adult, so get some knees pads and a timer and get crawlin’! Remember to keep your abs engaged and breathe!

-Ashley Hayes

Certified Pilates Instructor/Owner

Pilates of Forest Acres

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